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Homeless Taiwan Association

Our Programs

Our Programs


Self-sufficient Supportive Network

Enable them to Self-sufficient



Public Communication

Self-sufficient Supportive Network

Build a supportive network for the homeless people and enable them to self-sufficient

Mid-term Shelter (2014)

21 beds in 4 locations

  • Participatory decision-making

  • 3~6 beds/location, 1 of them is female-only.

  • Includes Taipei’s first female-only location since 2020

  • Individual Goal Setting and Intervention Plan

  • Engage employment service, counseling, and legal aid

  • Bonding activities

  • Former Resident Case Tracking

Supportive Housing (2020)

Friendly accommodations with affordable rent and supporting services to break the cycle of homelessness

Outreach (2019)

  • Provide food and necessities to the rough sleepers

  • Bridge rough sleepers to medical service, social service, or legal aid

PonPon Shower House (2022)

This is a place where the people in need can refresh themselves after a long day. Besides shower services, we also bridge them to medical or social services 


Get ready,

Tomorrow is another day!

The Newbie Zone Vocational Training Center  (2022)

An artist lives everywhere.

We provide vocational training programs with state-of-the-art tools. Learn a skill, get ready, and regain control.

Self-sufficient Supprtive Network


Communicate with the general public to break the stigma 


Life Stories of the Homeless in Taiwan (2016)

  • Award winner of Golden Tripod Awards for Publications

  • Award winner of Taipei International Book Exhibition - Nonfiction


Homeless Experience (2014)

36 hours on the street with an ex-homeless guru


Hidden Taipei is a Public Communication Program run by Homeless Taiwan Association. Started with a guided walking tour and continue to develop a series of activities. All aim to promote a deeper understanding of the homeless issue among the general public.


Walking tour guided by the ex-homeless people


Life-action role-play street game


Serendipity on the Street (2023)

Half-day corporate and school voluteering


Educational materials for tennagers

Social Advocacy

Help decrease homelessness by advocating for policy changes that strengthen the social safety net.


  • Promote public housing to advocate for the housing rights of vulnerable populations.

  • Advocate for reforms to the Public Assistance Act to support the most vulnerable people.

About Us

About Us


In 2011, a group of seasoned social workers founded Homeless Taiwan Association, aiming to exchange best social work practices and theories about poverty and housing problems with organizations from other eastern asian countries such as Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.


In 2014, it began to offer direct services to the homeless via a supportive network consists of shelter, social service, employment service, counseling and legal aid… etc. It also founded some innovative programs promoting public awareness of poverty and homeless issues. All programs are aiming to be the base of the two pillars - “Public Communication” and “Enable them to Self-sufficient”. Homeless Taiwan Association hopes to help build networks and enhance the understanding about poverty. Also empower the disadvantages we served not just be able to be self-sufficient but also willing to voice themselves.



1F., No. 50, Yajiang St.,

Wanhua Dist.,

Taipei City, Taiwan

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